You can create a live count-down pre-registration checkout link that enables you to promote your new product launch and get your customers to pre-register.


  1. Go to Checkout links and click CREATE A LINK

  2. Select "Buy now"

  3. Select your product and click Validate
    IMPORTANT: Your product needs to be in "ACTIVE" status in your Shopify. You can set the product to "Active" without displaying the product in your store

  4. Configure your product attribute and click Validate

  5. Under STEP 3 Checkout settings's Schedule section, select the START DATE in a future date. This will trigger the pre-registration mode

  6. Scroll down and click on Advanced settings

  7. You can now configure the Pre-registration details such as FORM TITLE, FORM SUBTITLE, and WELCOME CONTENT.

    Tips: You can also inject video or image in the welcome content.

  8. Click Create campaign. Congrats! Now you have a pre-registration checkout link that will automatically turn live on the Start Date you have configured.

Here is an example link:

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