To retarget Shopify's cart with Klaviyo:

Email settings

Step 1: Create a blank checkout link in Acquire App

  • Don't select any products

  • Create a page and design the look and feel of your abandoned cart

  • You can also add variable such as {{first_name}} in your page

  • Attach the script <?car-infot=....> to your checkout link URL

<your checkout link URL>?cart-info={{ event.extra.line_items.0.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.0.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.0.quantity }},{{ event.extra.line_items.1.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.1.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.1.quantity }},{{ event.extra.line_items.2.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.2.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.2.quantity }},{{ event.extra.line_items.3.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.3.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.3.quantity }},{{ event.extra.line_items.4.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.4.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.4.quantity }},{{ event.extra.line_items.5.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.5.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.5.quantity }},{{ event.extra.line_items.6.product_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.6.variant_id }}-{{ event.extra.line_items.6.quantity }}&first_name={{first_name}}&email={{email}}

Step 2: Add the Acquire App URL with the syntax above to your Abandoned Cart email Template

Step 3: Click Preview in your Klaviyo email to see the page.

Shopify Carts variables

Learn more (Klaviyo Resources):

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