After you have created Acquire checkout links, you can now design and generate an upsell funnel to boost your AOV.

A. Create a funnel

  1. Navigate to Funnels


B. Configure your funnel condition

  1. Choose if you want your funnel to be displayed with Any or All of the conditions that you configured

  2. Configure the conditions to display this upsell funnel

    Tip 1: if you want this funnel to be displayed with EVERY checkout link, simply configure "When product count is Greater or equal than 1" as your only condition

    Tip 2: If you want this funnel to be displayed with SPECIFIC checkout link, simply configure Checkout Links in the bottom as your only condition

C. Add product

  1. Select the product you want to offer in this upsell funnel. You can pick up to 5 products

  2. Once you have selected the product, click the close on the top right to close the selection window

    3. You will be able to set up Min/Max Quantity, Discount, and Variants for each product.

D. Complete the Upsell Page Setting

You can now configure where the Upsell is displayed, Upsell Page Title, Subtitle, Duration, and Shipping calculation method in this page

  1. Choose if you want this upsell to be displayed during pre-purchase, post-purchase, or both.

  2. Add the title and subtitle.

    Tip: For page title/page sub-title, you can include wording such as "this offer only lasts 10 minutes" to match the duration setting and drive urgency

  3. You can now enter the Funnel name to complete your funnel creation

E. Configure the priority of your funnel

  1. Congrats! You have now completed your funnel set up. The last thing to do is to choose the funnel priority if you have two funnels with the same conditions.

  2. Click Save And Close once you have configured the priority.

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