With dynamic checkout links, you can create infinite numbers of checkout links, passing product(s) ID into the URL.


This advanced feature allows you to create a checkout link instantaneously and incorporate a dynamic product checkout in your Email Campaign (such as Klaviyo). It leverages the default style that you have created in your Acquire App along with which ever product ID that you have added in your URL to create an Acquire App landing checkout link.

This can be used in use cases such as abandoned cart campaign.

How does it work?

After creating your checkout link, simply add


The products injected will automatically display in your checkout link.

You can also include a more advanced use case where you can inject

  • Dynamic product ID (eg. productids=)

  • Any variable from Liquid (eg. firstname=)

  • UTM (eg. utm_campaign=)

  • Email Pre-identification (eg. email=)

Here's an example


Product(s) ID

You can pass up to 5 products ID. Add a comma ',' in between each product ID.

More on this: How to find product ID in Shopify

If you are integrating the checkout link to Klaviyo, you can leverage their Catalog Lookup Tag and use their tag {{%event.extra.line_item.1.product.id%}} for abandoned cart flow.

Simply copy and paste the following and replace your domain & page with your Acquire App subdomain as well as the checkout link url.

https://DOMAIN.COM/PAGE/?productids={{ event.extra.line_items.0.product.id }},{{ event.extra.line_items.1.product.id }},{{ event.extra.line_items.2.product.id }},{{ event.extra.line_items.3.product.id }},{{ event.extra.line_items.4.product.id }},{{ event.extra.line_items.5.product.id }}

Pre-authentication (optional)

Like any checkout link URL, you can pass either the phone number or email to pre-authenticate the shopper. For more information read here:

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