Once you have launched your different checkout campaigns it is important to check and see how they are performing. The Acquire Analytics Dashboard has a lot of great metrics to gauge your performance.

The Dashboard Area

The Dashboard area gives a quick snapshot of how your checkout campaigns are performing.



By default the Sessions are shown in the graph. You can change the metrics that are shown in the graph by clicking on the "Sessions" button.

You will then see all the available metrics that you can show in the graph. By clicking on each one individually it will change the graph to update depending on the metric chosen.

You can also add filters to narrow down how your information is shown. Click on "Show Filters" to display different options.

Click on the "Add Filter" button to add in a filter and see the different filtering options.

You will see all the different filtering options available from the dropdown list when you click the "Add Filter" button.

The Overview Area

The Overview area gives a visual representation of your checkout performance for a couple of key metrics.



Get to the Overview area by clicking on "Overview" at the top of the Dashboard area.

The first filter you can add is to filter by date and you can click in the date range to select your dates from the calendar.

You can also choose what site or data you want to be displayed in your charts.

The Details Area

The Details area gives an in-depth breakdown into each metric for your campaign and compares it next to other checkout links so you can see the overall performance.



Choose what information is shown in the columns by clicking on "Edit Columns". This will bring up a pop-up window so you can choose which columns you want to see.

In the pop-up window on the left side you can scroll through the list and select or deselect the columns you want.

On the right side of the pop-up window you will see all the columns chosen and can drag and drop them in the order you want them displayed.

Once you have the columns configured how you want you can click "Save" to close the pop-up window.

You can also add in a second dimension so you can easily compare your different checkout links with other metrics.

Click on "Second Dimension" and you will see a list of different additional metrics you can add to give a better breakdown of results within campaigns.

Once you select a second dimension it will then show your columns with the same information but have additional metrics broken down underneath it depending on the metric you chose.

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