You can stylize your checkout for a dark and light mode and it will show depending on what the user has set on their device.

1. Navigate to the Checkout Style Settings



Click on "Settings" in the top navigation bar.

Once on the Settings page click on "Style" in the left-hand menu.

Now you are in the main Campaign Design area and you will click on "Theme" from the right sidebar menu.

2. Configure the Dark & Light Mode Settings



You can choose to configure your settings for a Light, Dark or Auto mode. The Auto will show automatically based on what the viewer has setup on their device.

Choose your font for your campaign from the dropdown list here.

The colors can be customized for the button and the background.

If you choose Auto mode then you can customize the colors for both settings in the same area.

You can then preview how the different modes look by clicking on the "Light" and "Dark" buttons on the top left of the Campaign Design window.

When you are done configuring your settings hit the "Save" button to save it as your checkout's default styling.

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