You can choose to show a warning message to customers about specific product or campaign restrictions or messages.

1. Add in your Warning Message

This special message can be setup when you are setting up your checkout settings for your individual checkout link.



On Step #3 of your checkout link you will be on the "Checkout Settings" area.

At the bottom of the list of checkout settings you will see a link called "Advanced Settings" that you can click.

Once you click on this link you will see many different options show up now and from this list you will see the "Warning message" section.

Click on the toggle button to turn this on and you will now have the options to customize your message.

Type in your title and description how you would like the warning to show up on your checkout link.

Once you are done adding in your message you can click on the "Create Campaign" button

Once you have created your checkout link campaign you will now be able to see the warning message and how it will appear for your customers as a pop-up on the checkout page.

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