With Acquire your checkout campaign will have a default currency however you can also set it up to accept other currencies. This makes it easier for your customer to understand the price but it is still converted into your default currency with the current exchange rate.

This is a great option to include for your checkout links if you plan on advertising your checkout to other countries with different currencies.

1. Navigating to your Currency Settings



Click on "Settings" in the top navigation bar.

Then click on "Payment" in the left-hand sidebar on this page.

In the "Currencies" section on this page you will see your default currency.

Click on the pencil icon to add in more currency options.

2. Adding in your Different Currencies

To accept different currencies for your checkouts you need to setup which currencies you are willing to accept.



Once you click on the pencil icon you will get a pop-up dialog where you can customize different options. The first option is to change your default currency and you can choose from the dropdown list what you would like to change your currency to.

You will also see "Other currencies" which is blank at first but is the other currencies you are willing to accept. To add in other currencies you can search for them in this bar and select them.

Once you have your other currencies selected that you are willing to accept they will show up below the search bar.

You can now choose for the currency conversion if you would like to have no rounding, rounding up or rounding down.

To make sure that you are covered in case of any currency conversion dips you can also add in a padding from 0-5%.

Lastly you can choose how frequently you would like to update the conversion calculations with either Never, Weekly or Monthly.

Once you are done adding in your additional currencies and their settings you can hit the Save button to exit out of the pop-up and save your settings.

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