With the Acquire App you can create a checkout link with the ability to have the customer pre-order a product. Plus you can keep them very informed with the product availability and shipping times.

1. Create a checkout campaign

You will create your first checkout campaign and select which products to feature.



Navigate to "Checkout links" at the top bar of the Merchant Portal

Click the "Create Link" button to create a new checkout link

Choose the option "Pre-order" to set up your campaign for the functionality to pre-order your products.

Next select the products from your catalog that you want to feature. You will see a list of your current products connected through the Acquire app on your store or you can search for the product by name in the search bar.

Once your product(s) are selected click on the "Validate" button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Set your product attributes

Now you need to set your product attributes for the product(s) you selected.



You can choose to set a minimum or maximum quantity for the products that can be purchased by toggling the button and increasing the quantity.

You can also choose to restrict the checkout to only certain variants if you have multiple options for your product. Click on the "Restrict variant" dropdown to see all your product options pulled in and choose the ones you want to allow the checkout link for.

Once you have set all your product attributes for your chosen product(s) then click the "Validate" button at the bottom to move on to the next step.

3. Set your checkout link campaign attributes

Next you need to add in your specific campaign details which will enable certain functionality on your checkout page based on what you choose.



Start off by naming your campaign and make sure to name it something that makes sense based on the products of type of campaign so you can easily identify it in your analytics area.

You can customize your link by adding in whatever name you want in the "Custom Link" field.

Then you will choose your campaign's start and end date. If you set your start date in the future it will then show a countdown timer for when the checkout is live for purchasing.

You can also choose to select a discount that applies to the entire order. Choose from the "Type" dropdown if you want to do a fixed or percentage discount and then type out the amount of the discount in the "Amount" field.

Since your campaign is setup for pre-ordering you can let your customers know when their products will start shipping out by changing the date and times in the "Shipping Schedule" section.

You can setup a minimum order amount before your products begin to start shipping out.

You can also set a maximum order limit so you only have a certain amount of orders that you will accept for this campaign.

There are also a few more settings you can select by clicking on the "Advanced settings" link.

To make the pre-ordering for only previous customers you can restrict the campaign to only customers who purchased from one of your other campaigns by searching for it and selecting it from the list.

You can toggle the button for "Coupon" to let customers checkout with an eligible store coupon.

You can also toggle the button for "Maximum order volume per customer" if you want to set a limit to the amount of units a single customer can buy.

You have the option to not show the store redirection to redirect to your main store on the checkout page.

You can choose to show a warning message if you have specific restrictions.

You can show a countdown timer to show how much time is left in the campaign.

You can also choose to hide the price on the products until they add it to their cart.

Once you are done you can click on the "Create campaign" link at the bottom to finalize the last of your campaign styling.

4. Customization

Now your campaign is ready for your final customizing of the design.



You have already set up these custom options in the "Branding" step in this Getting Started series but you can customize them like you did before but make it specific to this individual campaign by going through the same options.

Once you are done with any additional styling you can click the "Validate" button to save your changes. Then click the "Close" button to leave the editor. You can also click on the eye icon button any time to open a new browser tab to see your checkout.

After you hit the "Close" button you will be back on the main Checkout Links page and can see all the checkouts you have created there.

On the right-hand side for each link you will see the time left on the campaign, a toggle switch to turn the campaign on/off and three dots. When you click on the three dots you will see other options there to Share, Edit or Duplicate your campaign.

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