You can easily setup a video to show in the top area of your Checkout link instead of an image.

1. Adding in your Video to your Checkout Link

When you are stylizing your checkout link design you can choose to add in a video to show at the top and start auto-playing.



In your Campaign Design area click on "Header" to add in your video.

If you already have an image in this field you can click on the trash can icon in the "Background" section to delete it.

You will now see different options to upload your video. You can choose "Upload video" and select a video file from your computer to upload it to Acquire or you can select "Our videos" to use a video from the Acquire video library.

2. Customize Your Video Design

You will see your campaign design on the left-hand side of your browser with the video auto-playing. Now you can setup the different options to customize how your video is displayed on your checkout link.



The first option you have in the "Background" section is to have the video fill up the entire background. To do this toggle the switch next to "Full Size Media".

If you want your video to be just at the top of the page you can change the video height and width to make it the size that you want.

You can change the image opacity by either keeping it at 100% to show the video exactly how it is or lower the percentage to show more of the header background color.

The header background color can be changed as well as the header text color by clicking into the color boxes and either typing in your exact HEX color or you can choose one of the colors shown there.

Once you have your video stylized how you want you can click the "Validate" button to save it.

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