You can create tiered discounts on your checkout page to incentivize your customers to purchase more products to get a bigger discount.

1. Setup your Discount Ranges

With Acquire you can give your customers either a flat rate discount or setup different discount ranges to add in a tiered discount structure.



When you are inside your "Checkout Settings" in step #3 of setting up your campaign you will see a "Discount" area.

Click the link "Use range discount" to setup the different tiered discount options.

Now you will see different ranges that you can setup based on the order price. You can setup multiple ranges to cover the order price. An example of this would be $0- $50 in Range #1 and $50- Unlimited in Range #2.

You then can setup what type of discount to do. You can choose from the "Type" dropdown either a Percentage or Fixed discount and then add in the discount in the "Amount" field.

If you want to add more ranges you can click the link "Add new range" below that to setup more.

Now you can click the "Create Campaign" button to finish customizing your campaign

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