You can easily add UTM parameters to your Acquire checkout link for better tracking of your different traffic sources.

Once your parameters are setup and shared you can then track your traffic sources to your campaigns in both Google Analytics and the Acquire dashboard.

1. Add UTM parameters to your Checkout Link

The first step is to create your URL with the specific UTM parameters of your campaign built in. To do this you can use the free Campaign URL Builder from Google here:



Once you are on the Google tool linked above you will need to enter a few fields to create your URL. First paste in your Acquire Checkout Link in the "website URL" field.

Next add your referrer name that you are planning to share this link on in the "campaign source" field. For example, this could be "facebook".

Then type in your medium in the "campaign medium" field. This could be something like "summer_ad".

Finally type in your name for the link in the "campaign name" field. This could be something like "summer_sale".

You then will have the fully generated campaign URL show up below these fields and you can click the icon next to the URL to copy it to your clipboard and share this link.

2. View your UTM parameter results

Create a new URL with the same steps above for each different traffic source you want to use to share your checkout link. For example, you could create a URL for a Facebook post, Instagram post, Pinterest post, Facebook ad, Influencer and email.

Creating a different URL for each helps you really understand where your traffic is coming from and which audience is the most engaged and wanting to purchase.

Once you have created your different URLs and shared them online you can track their results inside of the Acquire Merchant Portal.



Click on the "Dashboard" link at the top left of the navigation bar to go to your Dashboard Analytics area.

Scroll down the page to your "Details" area and you will see all your checkout links there and their results.

To show your different URLs with UTM parameters in them click on the "Second Dimension" button.

From the dropdown list, choose "UTM campaign" and you will now see the individual UTM campaigns you created underneath each checkout link with their statistics.

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