You can easily customize a QR code that links directly to your campaign. This is a great way to get your printed marketing materials to go directly to your Acquire Checkout Links for increased conversions.

1. Customize the QR code design to match your branding

You can easily customize the design of the QR code to match either your branding or match the printed marketing piece you are intending to print it on.



Click on "Checkout links" in the top navigation bar.

This takes you to a page that shows all your current checkout links. Click on the dots to the right of the campaign you want to create a QR code for then click "Edit" from the dropdown menu.

Inside the campaign designer, click on the link "QR Code" on the right sidebar menu.

You will then see the QR code at the top and you have options below it to customize the pattern of the design.

You also have options to customize the color of your QR code.

Once you have customized your QR code how you would like you can then click the button underneath the QR code at the top to download it.

It will download a PNG file of it to your computer to use. After you are done you can click the "Close" button to leave the design editor.

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