Connecting your Acquire account with your Facebook account lets you better use Acquire for your paid advertising.

1. Navigate to the Facebook settings in Acquire



Click on “Settings” in the top navigation bar to go to the main settings area of the Acquire merchant portal.

Once you are on the General settings page click on “Integration” in the left-hand menu to see all the integration options that are available.

You will see the Facebook icon from the integration list.

Click the plus icon next to the Facebook icon to connect this platform with Acquire.

You now have a pop-up window to connect your Facebook account with Acquire and to do this you need to enter your Facebook ID.

2. Get your Facebook Pixel ID

To get your Facebook Pixel ID, you can follow this link to obtain your Facebook pixel ID:

3. Find your Facebook Conversion API

To generate your Facebook Conversation API Token, please review this article from Facebook:

4. Add in your Facebook ID and Conversation API to Acquire



Head back to the Acquire Merchant portal and paste in the pixel you copied into the Facebook “Your ID” field in the pop-up window, as well as your Conversation API token.

Once you are done click the button “Connect My Account” and you now have your Facebook account connected to your Acquire account.

Events sent to Facebook Pixel

  • track (page load)

  • AddToCart (add product to the cart)

  • Purchase (order confirmation page)

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