With the Acquire App you can create a unique and custom checkout experience for different types of campaigns you are running. You have the full control to customize it how you need to match your branding and reach your marketing objectives.

1. Create a landing page

You will create your first landing page and select which products to feature.



Navigate to "Landing Pages" at the top bar of the Merchant Portal

Click the "Create A Link" button to create a new checkout link

Select the template you want to use, or select 'start with a blank page' to build from scratch

Select your template choice or 'preview' if you want to view the page layout

Once you're in the page builder, click the price tag icon on the left, to select and configure your product settings

2. Product display options

Now you need to select your product and determine the product card layout and style.



You can choose your product card layout. This is how the product card will be displayed on your page

You can choose the products you want to use on the page by either searching in the search bar, or scrolling through your catalog

Once you have selected your products, you will click 'validate' to confirm your selection.

Once you have selected your products, you can adjust the style of your product card by clicking on the 'style' tab on the left.

3. Set your landing page link and product attributes

Now you will determine the specific attributes for your checkout link and products



Start off by selecting the 'settings' option on the bottom left of your tool bar.

You can customize your landing page name and custom URL. (Remember that the name is internal and won't be viewed by customers, however the URL will be seen by all who view your page)

Determine your custom discount

You can schedule your landing page in the schedule settings. Note: this will make your link live only within the time parameters selected

You can select a 'maximum session duration' which will show the countdown timer at the top of the page.

Pre-registration configuration can be used for in the event that you want to release a page before the page is live for shopping.

You can set your subscription attributes within the 'subscriptions' tab. You can select the frequency offered for subscriptions and an end date, if desired.

You can determine your product attributes in the 'product tab'.

You can select specific attributes for each product. Select whether or not to allow a subscription offer, limit the quantity each customer can purchase, and create custom fields.

Advanced setting configuration can be found in the lower left of the settings tab.

You have the option to configure maximum order volume per customer.

You can choose to show a warning message if you have specific restrictions.

You can show a countdown timer to show how much time is left in the campaign.

You can also choose to hide the price on the products until they add it to their cart.

Once you are done you can click on the 'Save' link at the bottom to finalize the settings selected.

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