You can customize the Acquire landing page overall style to match your branding so that it is a seamless experience. You have the ability to control the fonts, colors, logo, layout, and add in specific imagery unique to your brand.

1. Design

Now your page is ready to edit your design.



When clicking into any element, you will see these three icons. Add (green) will let you add an element to the right or left of the existing element. More (yellow) will give you options within your current element. Delete (orange) will delete the highlighted element.

You can begin by adding your own branding and replacing the existing elements.

Click on the component you want to replace, and select the image icon to upload your image.

When editing or formatting text, you can click on more (three dots icon) in order to open up your text settings by clicking 'settings'.

You will be able to toggle between these four sections in this settings tab. By clicking 'box' you will edit the components of the selected element. 'Spacing' will be the spacing components for the selected text and highlighted section. 'Border' will be the border settings for the element. 'Text' will be the text settings such as font, font size, color, and minimum sizing for font on scaled devices.

In the 'Text' section, you will be able to format your font by selecting the three dots in the font drop down, which will pull up our list of fonts. However, you can also type the font out in the box, and the font will be applied without having to search.

When editing an image component. Click the settings (orange) button in order to edit the component.

Once you click inside the edit component, you can delete the default images. Then select 'add image' to insert your selected images to the component.

You can edit the component by selecting the different options listed.

2. Customize Settings



Adjust box settings:

Click the box settings (blue) button to determine the settings of the entire box.

You'll be able to determine the settings of the box within this tab.

Adjust section settings:

On the right hand side of each section you will see the section settings (blue) and the remove section (orange) buttons.

By clicking on the remove button, you will delete the current section.

By clicking on the settings, you will be able to adjust the settings of the section.

3. Adding a Section

Add a section to your landing pad to add to your unique design.



Now you are wanting to add a new section to your page. Click on the 'add section' tab on the left hand tool bar.

Now select the type of section you want to add.

Once you've selected the section template you want to add, simply click on that section, and it will be added to your landing page.

Note: the section will be added below the current section you are on within the page builder.

Now you can edit that section, by using the directions outlined in the above sections.

Note: You will have to re-adjust the formatting to fit your theme, as each section is templated.

4. Editing a button or CTA

To edit the text or a button, you can simply highlight the text, and type in the desired call to action.

To edit the design of a button, click on the 'edit' icon.

Once you're in the edit function, you have several options to customize the style of your button. Start by selecting the default background color and text. You can also edit the button to have a 'hover' effect where you will see a different color when hovering over the button.

Once you've determined you like the style of the button you've created, you will be able to 'save' the button for future use.

You can also select from the templated buttons within the 'templates' tab.

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