Personalizing checkout landing pages with a custom subdomain.

By default, Checkout landing pages are hosted on You can use your own domain by configuring a subdomain such as or To get started, you will need:

  • Access to your domain registrar

  • 5 to 10 minutes

Step 1: Log into your account and click on Settings

Step 2: Find custom domain section and click "Add"

Fill in the subdomain/host that you will be creating as a cname in your registar.

Step 3: Create a new CNAME

Log into your registar (Google Domain, OVH, Gandi...) and create the associated CNAME as displayed in the merchant portal. Please ensure the destination points to

Note: It might take up to 24h for DNS to be propagated.

Click "Save"

You are all set 🎉

Need help to create a DNS record with your registar? We have the following step-by-step available:

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