Acquire App is compatible with 120+ payment gateways.

Acquire App makes it easy to receive payments from your checkout landing pages, by connecting to your existing payment gateway. Partnering with Shopify's approved Spreedly, Acquire App ensures you the highest level of PCI compliance.

To get started, you will need:

  • Permission rights to authorize your existing payment gateway with Acquire App

  • One of the 120+ compatible payment gateways such as Stripe,, Braintree,, etc. The exhaustive list is available here.

  • 5 to 10 minutes



Connect to Acquire App Merchant Portal

Navigate to Settings, Payment then "Connect" Payment Gateway

Search for the payment gateway you want to use to receive payments

Return the expected information in the given field.

If you are using Stripe, please enter your LIVE SECRETE API KEY

Complete the task by Connecting you payment gateway.

Steps to retrieve your Secret API key in Stripe

1. Go to
2. Make sure you un-toggle Test mode and you are in the LIVE mode
3. Click Reveal Secret Key
4. Copy the Secret Key (this should start with sk_live_....)
5. Go to
6. Enter your Stripe Secret API Key

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